Best 3G Cardio Pro Runner Treadmill 2022.

3G Cardio Pro Runner Treadmill. It’s the perfect treadmill for those who wants quality and also to save on space. This treadmill offers users the unique ability. That is to run at higher distance. Together with high quality needed. In addition it offers ability to go longer distance.

Furthermore it is the best when it comes to fold flat treadmill. So it gives the best workouts at the same time you can easily store it out of the way. As a result it can be transported from one place to another. If you purchase through our link we may earn some commissions.

3G Cardio Pro Runner Treadmill.

Pro Runner Treadmill 3g Cardio



Space Saving Design.

The treadmill offers users the high unique ability of saving on space. Because when it is folded it saves on space.

It is highly applicable in situation where, space is low and you are in need of saving on space. As a result it can be easily be stored in a corner of a room. It has a great workout.

Saving space design pro runner treadmill
saving space design.

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Pro Runner has high quality console.

It has a manual or quality start, programs are eight and are inbuilt. In addition cool down program is available. On the other hand heart rate interactive is easy to use and functional.

Quality console pro runner treadmill.
Quality console.

Availability of heart rate interactive on pro runner.

Due to presence of heart rate interactiveness in a pro runner. It has ability to check your pulse as you continue with your workouts. In addition heart rate interactive is inbuilt. As a result enabling pulse monitoring and availability of optional wireless HR chest belt. In order to use just grab the console grips and check if you are not your target rate as expected.

Heart rate interactive pro runner treadmill
Heart rate interactive.

Pro runner has soft orthopedic belt.

It has orthopedic belt that can get you very best workouts. Because the space for running is 20.5″×58″. Pro runner keeps your work out well. So it combines the comfort of the belt with the 3.0 HP and 2″.

Soft orthopedic belt.

Pro runner has plenty of horsepower.

Pro runner has 3.0 horsepower continuously duty DC Motor. In addition lifetime residential drive motor. But also it has 5 years parts warranty, 2 inch roller.

Plenty of horsepower.

Pro runner has variety of programs.

3G Cardio Pro Runner has 8 built-in programs, 3 fitness test programs and 2 custom programs. Hence enhancing you achieve your fitness goals.

3 display screens.

It is well equipped with 3 display screens. First one tracks the heart rate. Second one tracks the distance and the third one displays all the workouts data including speed, distance and calories burned.


  • One touch speed.
  • One touch incline.
  • Warranty offers a lifetime coverage for both frame and motor.
  • One touch controls changes in different speeds.
  • Custom programs are 2.
  • Has 8 built-in programs.
  • Belt size is 20.5″x 58″.
  • Presence of gherkin/cooper/BMI fitness tests.
  • Folding design it can easily folded for storage.
  • DC 3.0 HP continuous Duty Motor.


  • Foldable ability.
  • Presence of orthopedic belt.
  • Fast and silent.
  • Presence of variety of programs.
  • 15% incline can be adjusted with the touch.
  • Availability of heart monitoring technology.
  • Presence of water bottle holders.
  • Presence of long-term warranty.


  • Smaller running area.
  • Unavailability of speakers or audio ports.
  • Unavailability of workout data.
  • Very small display screens.


Benefits of pro runner treadmill.

It has orthopedic flex shock suspension system. As a result it takes off your joints stress during workouts. So it makes it a unique device. On other hand 3G cardio pro runner treadmill has a variety of programs which easily helps you. As a result forming a well shaped body and maintaining your health.

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There is a 15% maximum incline and a 12mph max speed.

3g cardio pro runner treadmill folds up manually. It does use a gas shock to fold down or up hence zero effort.

Conclusion/Wrapping up.

We reviewed 3G cardio pro runner treadmill. So after researching and analyzing different parts of this high quality machine. Therefore the above are the features of this machine after our review. As a result of spending a lot of time.

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