About us.

Ronald Wekesa and Steve Wafula are gym and fitness specialists. Who came up together in order to show and explain to users about the best treadmills and go beyond that. In order users to be well equipped with knowledge concerning different fitness equipments, for them to know pros and cons of each fitness equipments. Through this users can get the best of what they desire in the market today.

After many complains about the best quality and the quantity of the fitness equipments. Especially when it comes to prices, it led to deeper research and analysis in order the users can get the best of the different equipments. Through this we will be giving the users updates concerning the best and the latest information. About each equipment so that they can get what they expect as they shop the best equipments.

Ronald Wekesa.

The CEO and the specialist.He does every day researches concerning what the best equipments. Especially treadmills and different training equipments. Through different discussions forums. The best treadmills are different and have different prices in the market today.

Steve Wafula

The co-founder and the specialist. He is the one who is concerned about analyzing each equipment in the market today before ensuring that the users get the best out of the market. He is responsible for each topics and replies to our users.

Why we are the best?

Reasons: We have a huge team of athletes, coaches, specialists, trainees, trainers and fully equipped certified experts. Who have been using and who are using different training equipments such as treadmill.

They give daily updates about their experience, while using different training equipments both pros and cons. Through this we continue empowering and updating our users and more importantly cautioning them. So that they can be able to avoid each mistakes and obtain the best results.

Our team contains best experienced, knowledgeable fitness experts. Who are greatly passionate about fitness. We strive tirelessly daily to ensure that our users get the best and latest information and updates after we have interacted with each equipment personally.

Our Mission: To provide the best and fully researched and analyzed information about each training equipments in the market today, so that our users can be fully satisfied.

Our Vision: To ensure that each training and fitness equipments, are chosen and used appropriately in order to obtain best results.