Exerpeutic treadmill 100XL High Capacity.

Exerpeutic treadmill is a great treadmill for walking. In addition it accommodates a person who weighs 350 pounds. Then it is extremely sturdy and walks fast. Furthermore its support arms are comfortable and safe. Uniquely it has sensors for your heart rate on the grip so no clip for your finger. Above all it is very well designed motor ess treadmill.

Exerpeutic treadmill.


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Exerpeutic treadmill 100XL Features.

Extra long Handles with Pulse.

Safety handles with heart pulse pads are more than 2x the length. Therefore it provides walking security and preventing any loss of balance. In addition heart pulse pads allow the user to measure target heart rate.

Extra long Handles.

LCD Displays Computer.

Exerpeutic treadmill has computer LCD display window features elapsed time, distance walked, calories burned, speed and heart rate monitoring. In addition TV remote control can be stored on the computer console.


Exerpeutic treadmill has 325lb Weight Capacity and Foldable.

Up to 325lb of user weight. Therefore the frame has been reinforced to accommodate a high weight capacity. Then with wide side rails for safety. In addition can be folded and moved easily with included transportation wheels.

Foldable capacity.

Twin Flywheels with Extended Belt.

Twin 6″ diameter Flywheels provides a smoother and more consistent workout. Moreover it is unlike other single Flywheel manual treadmills.

Twin wheels.

3 levels of incline with 8 level Tension.

Quick release adjustments features quick and easy 3 position incline of 8,10 and 15 degree. In addition the pacer control 8 level magnetic tension, provides different levels of difficulty.

8 level tension.


No only incline.

Conclusion /Wrapping up exerpeutic treadmill.

Exerpeutic treadmill is the best treadmill that fits both for home use or best for runners on a budget. In addition it can easily fit perfectly for gym use because of the presence of unique features that can easily save space. On other hand most athletes who run for marathon prefer it highly because of its foldable feature hence ending up saving on space.

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