What are the hiit treadmill workout?

What are the benefits of hiit treadmill workout? So, have we piqued your curiosity? Find out for yourself how HIIT treadmill workouts can boost your running performance. Then help you melt off excess pounds!

HIIT treadmill workout can torch calories in a shorter time. In addition, your body keeps burning calories even after you have finished the exercise. The treadmill can even prove useful for an effective HIIT workout. That is both challenging and enjoyable.

A HIIT treadmill workout offers you a chance to incorporate a variety of exercises other than running. These HIIT Treadmill workouts for fat loss will help you get stronger. Therefore they will help your body become more efficient at burning calories for weight loss. HIIT treadmill workout proves that. You can even perform full-body exercises on a treadmill that does not include running.

We get it: Treadmills do not always make for the most riveting workout. But adding some HIIT treadmill workouts to your routine can help liven things up—plus bring some serious performance benefits to your running game. Keeps you laser-focused.

When people jump onto a treadmill, they may not be laser-focused on the task at hand and this can really affect results. HIIT training forces you to focus on your workout. Which means less stress of thinking about your never-ending to-do list!

What are the best hiit treadmill workouts for beginners?

Here is a basic HIIT Treadmill workout that will help get you started:

  • Basic warm-up starting with a brisk walk and work your way up to a light jog – 10 minutes.
  • Run at 10 mph for 30 seconds to 1 minute.
  • Walk at 3.5-4 mph for 2 minutes.
  • Repeat this cycle 7 more times (8 cycles total).
  • If the work interval isn’t enough of a challenge, add a slight incline to the treadmill.

Perform a cool-down walk for 5 minutes before stretching and drinking plenty of water. As you build a love-hate relationship with HIIT training, experiment a bit with building your own treadmill HIIT workouts. Here are a few that have worked well for me and /or some of my training clients:

Try these five treadmill HIIT workouts the next time you need a quick but effective sweat session. Now, if you are looking for a quick and simple 10-minute routine to see what HIIT treadmill workouts look and feel like, give the workout below a try:

The possibilities and configurations of a HIIT treadmill workout are endless. You can choose any sort of hard interval duration, and even change the length throughout the workout. Check out the best treadmills for hiit treadmill workouts at home.

For example:

A good HIIT treadmill workout may be sets of 30 seconds hard. Followed by 30 seconds easy, yet you can also do cycles of 30 seconds hard. 30 seconds easy, 60 seconds hard, 60 seconds easy. There are no rules.

That said, all HIIT treadmill workouts should begin with a few minutes of easy running to warm up and should end with easy jogging to cool down and promote circulation of the metabolic byproducts out of your muscles. Check out this affordable treadmill.

Then the best HIIT treadmill workouts should challenge you and leave you wanting to grasp the handrails. By the end without crossing the line into being too intense. Below, we share a few of the best HIIT treadmill workouts to get you started.

Best example of these exercises.

Ready to jump in? We have compiled two HIIT workouts for beginners to get you started. One workout can be performed on your treadmill and the other is a full-body workout without a treadmill. This 30 Minute HIIT Treadmill Workout for Beginners is the perfect workout to help you work your way up to 30 minutes of sustained cardio.

It is also an excellent way to increase your cardiovascular fitness and burn calories. While this workout is suitable to beginners, it can and should be adapted to continue to challenge you throughout your fitness journey.

How to do a hiit treadmill workout?

Try this 25-minute HIIT treadmill workout to spice things up at the gym. IMPORTANT: Warm up for a few minutes as you would before doing any workout. I suggest quick walking/jogging for 3 minutes on the treadmill.

You want to make sure your muscles are nice and warm to avoid injury. Also, if you have zero experience on a treadmill. I suggest a few workouts with normal running or jogging to get the feel for the machine before starting a HIIT workout.

An effective warm-up is walking at a slow speed (3.0) on treadmill for 1-2 minutes prior to starting HIIT. Many treadmills have a HIIT workout available as a programmed workout. You may be able to select the intensity for the work interval to match your abilities. Ready to give it a try? Follow this HIIT treadmill workout on your next indoor run. Happy HIIT.

Push yourself. With HIIT training, you get out what you put in! Be smart and safe with your treadmill and make sure you know how to operate the treadmill. Also, know where the emergency shut off is, do not hold onto the handles when running.

How often? Shoot for about 2 HIIT workouts a week in addition to your other favorite fitness activities.Many treadmills come with interval-based training pre-programmed on the console. These can be helpful when your struggling to update your speed and incline during your workout.

Look for treadmills with the science-backed Sprint 8 program. About the writer: Ken Grall is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and owns and operates an Edge Fitness in Madison, Wisconsin. Learn more about Ken.

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