Marcy Smith machine home gym 2022.

Marcy smith machine is a stable machine and smooth. Because it will extremely empress you and ensure that you are fully highly satisfied. In addition it is extremely easy to assemble. It has very smooth pulley system that feels like an actual gym. On other hand the stability of the unit is good. Furthermore the Smith machine bearings are so smooth. Uniquely it is solid and sturdy, there is lots of functionality. Therefore it feels like home gym.


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Features of diamond Elite marcy Smith machine system.

Best for home gym.

This machine is designed for home, but also it works for club machines because of its design. In addition it is total body training that is combined with Smith system. Furthermore it is one attractive and versatile product.

Very Versatile.

Presence of the MD-9010G combines three different types of strength building machines in one design. In addition allowing you to perform over 100 club-quality exercises. The MD-9010G also has a unique cable cross dual pulley system. Henceforth enabling any user to perform different functional types of exercises. Furthermore a user can employ some movements associated with sports or day to day activities.

Marcy Smith machine has adjustable bench back and seat pad.

This machine feature enables your comfort. In addition the back-pad is adjustable angle usually ranges from – 13 degrees to 81.

Adjustable bench back and seat pad.

Marcy Smith machine has foot plate.

Always use the foot plate along with the lower pulley for seated rows. Because the machine has foot plate at the bottom of the unit.

Foot plate.

Marcy Smith machine has weight plate storage.

Ensure that your weight plates are organized by utilizing the six storage pegs on the Smith.

Weight plate storage.

Included accessories.

The machine has several accessories which includes:

  • Lat bar.
  • Ankle strap.
  • Triceps rope.
  • Shiver bar.
  • V-bar.
  • Pulley cable handles.
Included accessories.

A rack-Free Weight Squats.

People use the machine as a rack by placing the included bar catches and safety catches. In addition at the front of the unit and using an Olympic bar. Furthermore the squats are great for targeting your quadriceps and glutes.

A rack-Free Weight squats.

Preacher curls with preacher Curl pad and Handle.

So ensure to add plates to the developer and use the curl pad and curl handle for preacher curls. Because it targets your biceps. In addition marcy Smith machine home gym has a preacher curl pad and a curl handle.

Preacher curls with preacher curl pad and handle.

Incline Bench press with Smith Bar.

Portion of the machine equipment can be used for squats. In addition can also be used with the bench for presses. The machine has a bar that allows you to safely lift without a spotter. Furthermore always use the bench at an incline with the Smith bar for incline bench presses.

Incline bench press with Smith bar.

Leg Developer Workouts leg extensions.

Load the leg Developer with weight plates to perform leg curls and leg extensions. As a result leg extensions target your leg muscles and mostly targets your quadriceps.

Leg Developer Workouts leg extensions.


  • Preacher curl station.
  • Heavy-duty frame.
  • Powder-coated finish.
  • Leg Developer station.
  • Pop-pin adjusted bench.
  • 2000lbs cable strength.
  • Linear bearings.
  • Off-the floor base.


This machine does not come with weights. And you do not have to buy expensive Olympic weight.